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Help & Advice on Choosing Your Perfect Supreme Bathroom Towel Radiator

Now that you have decided to purchase one of our towel radiators for your bathroom or kitchen please let us help you to ensure that your choice is correct so that you have the  perfect bathroom towel radiator most suitable to your requirements.

To make this choice as easy as possible for you we have prepared our “How to?” page where you can find simple and straight forward advice on selecting the best towel radiator for your needs. We understand that bathroom towel radiators are not everyday purchases and you made need further clarification which we are always happy to help with. Please contact us on 020 8892 2633 or via e-mail to if you wish to discuss further.

How do bathroom towel radiators work?

Bathroom towel radiators work on the same principle as your standard radiators which are connected to your closed central water heating system. The towel radiators must be connected to a hot water source which circulates inside the towel radiator and therefore generates heat.

The source of hot water can either be your closed central water heating system or achieved by using an electric heating element if you do not have a central water heating system in your property.

How to choose the perfect bathroom towel radiator?
How to install and power your bathroom towel radiator?
How to choose a correct heating element for your bathroom towel radiator?

* All electric bathroom towel radiators must be installed by a qualified & professional electrician. Heating elements must be inserted vertically from one of the bottom inlet connection points (right or left) of the bathroom towel radiator. Electric bathroom towel radiators must be filled up with normal water before turning on the heating element.