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About Our Brand Supreme

At the beginning of our journey, we were selling the products of other brands. We soon came to realisation that we could offer our customers better workmanship, quality, designs and in a variety of sizes if we invested in developing our own brand of bathroom towel radiators.

This was the origins of our own brand Supreme. We chose the brand name to be Supreme so that it would reflect the significance of our products and our authority in the heating and plumbing industry. Supreme represents our commitment to provide the highest quality bathroom towel radiators available in the market.

The next stage in Supreme’s evolution was finding the suppliers who were willing to make the commitment and provide us with products worthy of the Supreme brand name. Once these partnerships had been established, work began on developing bathroom towel radiators according to our quality standards, unique designs, bespoke sizes and robust packaging but still available at affordable prices for our customers.

We are continuously working on the innovation and development of the Supreme bathroom towel radiator range. Our products are now being sold across Europe and our long term vision for Supreme bathroom towel radiators is that Supreme becomes recognised as the world leader in heating and plumbing sector.

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